quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2014


 Debora Possani and Rose Gimenes at Victoria & Albert Museum
Nossa participação na  48th IATEFL International Conference 2014  teve início no final do ano passado quando o trabalho Fantastic Circus do projeto Living Drama in the Classroom foi aceito pela comissão organizadora do evento. Uma vez que  não pudemos contar com nenhum patrocínio para a apresentação do nosso grupo, foi preciso que nos organizássemos com bastante antecedência. Participar de uma conferencia internacional tão conceituada como IATEFL é uma oportunidade para aprender com os trabalhos apresentados por outros professores, além de compartilhar o trabalho desenvolvido em São Paulo.

O trabalho apresentado, Fantastic Circus foi desenvolvido em nossa escola através do projeto Living Drama in the Classroom sob a orientação da Profa. Dra. Vera Cabrera Duarte PUCSP, que juntamente comigo coordenou todas as atividades desenvolvidas entre julho e dezembro de 2013. Contamos com a participação das orientandas:  Debora Possani, Geisy Nunes e Vanessa Pozzoli.

É importante deixar registrado que a EMEF Pres. João Pinheiro foi a única escola pública brasileira a participar do evento e apresentar trabalho. No diário abaixo, apenas alguns momentos de cada dia até o final da conferência em Harrogate.


Guarulhos International Airport. My family and Debora's family came to say good bye and after a long preparation we left to London.


14 hours later here we are dragging our luggages through tube stations and through the streets of London.

Our flight had a connection at Amsterda Airport.

Finally we got to Archway station and were very well received by father Kevin at St Gabriel's Parish house.

Ficamos hospedadas na casa paroquial da St Gabriel's Church perto da Archway Station onde fomos muito bem recebidas pelo padre Kevin.

Our first snack in London: the traditional Fish and Chips! Yummy!


We went to Victoria Coach Station to buy our bus tickets to Harrogate.

A very good site for transportation in London is http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ and http://www.londonpass.com/

We also visited Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum.


Victoria and Albert Museum Restaurant
Victoria and Albert Museum Garden
Victoria and Albert Museum gallery

It is very common to see groups of teachers and students having lessons at the museums and other public spaces of the city. 
Victoria and Albert Museum Hall
Visit the museum site: http://www.vam.ac.uk/ 


You can see the complete album in https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q8n0kq58in49bhy/44DiaVjlV7

Visit the museum site: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/

DAY 4 - MARCH 30


We decided to spend our last free day before Harrogate in a visit to the London Bridge. After that, we would pack to our trip the next day. Visit the official site of London Bridge http://www.towerbridge.org.uk/TBE/EN/

DAY 5 - MARCH 31

Trip to Harrogate. You can learn more about the city on http://www.harrogate.gov.uk/

After six hours in the bus we finally arrived at Harrogate and went to the hotel.



You can visit the conference site to learn in details about the programme http://www.iatefl.org/annual-conference/harrogate-2014.

See the name of a public school in such important event was very important to me. I do believe that public schools are great places to teach and learn. Sharing our work and also learning from other teachers is surely rewarding!

No crachá, o nome da única escola pública brasileira participando do evento: EMEF Pres. João Pinheiro.

 Débora Possani is preparing her poster presentation.

We finally met teacher Vera Cabrera Duarte and teacher Teli Cardoso who joined us during the whole conference.

 Some pictures of the city taken during our staying for the conference.

For the complete album with photos and videos visit  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bxlwy3cyb7ypwoz/34Q0Nm2MSG



This was the most important day. Vera and I presented the Fantastic Circus in the afternoon and Debora Possani presented her poster at the end of the day.

Prof. Dra. Vera Cabrera Duarte PUCSP

 It was a surprise to see teacher David Heathfield attending our workshop. Hey kids! Remember Lazy Jack?

Teachers Vera Cabrera and Rose Gimenes presenting the work Motivating Learning Through Drama: Focus on Young Learners.

Rose Gimenes and David Heathfield

Teachers from different parts of the world attended our workshop.

Teacher Débora Possani's poster presentation: The Multiple Intelligences Theory: Two Experiments on Young Learners.

 Visit our complete album on https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d6fdh2wzhs3f3xo/jFZQ3TlqMm

Visit also teacher Debora Possani's site on https://bydeborapossani.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/iatefl-2014-1/
Vera Cabrera Duarte, Rose Gimenes and Débora Possani

After our very good presentation we decided to enjoy the book exposition.

Andrew Right is a very famous author among language teachers. I loved the opportunity to meet him personally at IATEFL.

David Heathfield and Andrew Right with teachers Estela Randon, Débora Possani and Rose Gimenes.


The day started with cultural tours offered to all participants of the conference and I chose to join the trip to the small city of Haworth in order to visit the Bronte Sisters Museum.

 You can see the museum in http://www.bronte.org.uk/

Visit the complete album in https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t86cb48ygmuribf/DYW9JmYFxM

At night we attended David Heathfield "Speaking a World of Words" Thursday 3 April 1930-2100 
OPEN MIC evening with Rakesh Bhanot and David Heathfield.

In this meeting, everybody contributed by performing poems, telling stories and reading aloud short passages of prose from all cultures and languages. 

Our group decided to recite and sing the song: 'Lá Vem o Pato', by Vinícius de Morais.

To learn more about David Heathfield visit his site www.davidheathfield.co.uk 

Later on, we still attended a Cambridge Party at The Crown Hotel.


We attended different sessions all day long and also met other Brazilian teachers during the event representing language schools and universities. EMEF Pres. João Pinheiro was the only Brazilian public school taking part of the conference.

DAY 10 - APRIL 5

Time to pack and say good bye Harrogate. See you all in Manchester 2015.

See you all in Manchester 2015.